What’s a tour to Iran’s most distant places and historical wonders without trying the food? and I mean, we’re not talking about just any fast food, we’re talking about mouth-watering traditional food which takes a whole day to prepare! My grandma would start making lunch just about the time she had her breakfast, some time she would start even before that!

Iranian people care a lot about what they eat and they don’t mind spending a whole day just preparing! at least they used to, before the fast-food era! don’t get me wrong, I’d love a burger! but these are foods you have to try at least for once.

for example, in case of Isfahan I do not remember planning to visit the city and not dreaming about the delicious Beriani I was going to have from days and nights before to trip!

So, all the foodies out there, HERE WE GO!

Iran tourists, here’s your top 6 Isfahan’s Foods to try

  1. The mouth watering Beriani!
  2. Qeime Rize
  3. Halim Bademjun
  4. Kale joush
  5. Hosseini Kebab
  6. Eshkene

Where to eat the best Beriani in Isfahan?

You say Isfahan, I hear Haj Mahmoud’s Beriani! that’s how it works for me. Haj Mahmoud’s Beriani is the oldest and most famous place to eat a good old Beriani. you know, this food is of historical value!

It’s an old bistro in alleys of Isfahan traditional bazaar! Everything on the way is eye-catching and when you get there and take the first bite you know you made the right decision!

It’s usually crowded specially on the weekends, so plan your time accordingly.

Haj Mahmoud’s Beriani is unique since its more than a 100 years old! Moreover, if you prefer restaurants over street food, you can go to Isfahan’s top Persian style restaurants and enjoy the food and atmosphere there.

As for the rest of the list, you can find a good quality food at almost any restaurant, here I will name 3 of my favorite Isfahan’s traditional restaurants which are close to historical attractions too! so that you can enjoy your time in the city. I want no time wasted in the city known as “half of the world”!

Isfahan’s top 3 traditional restaurants for Iran tourists:

  1. Malek Soltan Jarchibashi Restaurant
Iran tour- Isfahan top restaurants, Malek Soltan Jarchibashi restaurant
Isfahan’s top 3 restaurants: Malek Soltan Jarchibashi Restaurant

This restaurant actually used to be a Persian bathhouse and belongs to Safavid era, and is almost 400 years old! so it’s like visiting a historical sight and eating there too, how great is that?

plus, you can hear the sound of water and also live Persian music.

  1. Naqsh-e Jahan restaurant (Sofre-Khane)

If you want an ever more traditional experience and want to sit on a takht with your legs crossed like old Persians do, Naqsh-e Jahan restaurant is the place to go! the place has got Persian charm and I pretty much think you’ll enjoy it.

2-min walk from Naqsh-e Jahan Square

Iran tourists visit Isfahan Naqsh-e Jahan restaurants
Naqsh-e Jahan Traditional Restaurant in Isfahan

  1. Sharbat Khaneh Firuz

This one is my friends favorite cafe and she insisted I put it here! so why not! Maybe you are looking for some traditional cozy place, where you can order a cafe,and eat something too. the decoration is truly legit! and the people are friendly!

it’s also a walking distance from Vank cathedral which you should visit! its church built in Iranian architecture style!

Iran tour to Isfahan restaurants and cafes, Sharbat Khane Firuz cafe
Sharbat Khane Cafe, Iran tour to Isfahan

Hermes restaurant and Cafe: Italian, Pizza, European

Arc a Restaurant: Persian, Vegetarian

Bonus: Must-Go suggestion

Last but not at all least, Chah Haj Mirza Coffee house. I wanted to mention this place first but somehow it came last. a place to order a coffee and enjoy the museum-like decoration with antiques.

Iran tour to Isfahan: Chah Haj MIrza Coffee house
Chah Haj Mirza Coffee House In Isfahan-Iran tours

you can eat Isfahan’s traditional sweets there too. it’s the oldest coffee house in Isfahan and well, like I always say, you have to visit there too!

That’s all! I have written another article on Isfahan natural and historical attractions, inside and outside Isfahan. Give it a look and please, like always, you got any questions? ask me in the comments.