Planning you’re Iran tour? Welcome!

Tehran is one of my favorite cities in Iran and I’m saying this being well aware of the traffic and all the metropolitan problems you may already know about. if you are planning a trip in the nearby future, you should prepare to be amazed by all the beauty and incredible attractions Tehran city has to offer! If you want to find out where to stay in Tehran, Iran for your vacation, this article is for you, so keep reading!

I will introduce hostels for those who want to travel on a budget, connect with others and enjoy the cozy, friendly atmosphere of Tehran’s hostels. and on the other hand, I with introduce more luxury options for those who don’t mind the money as long as it has all the options they’re looking for in a hotel.

Where to stay in Tehran: a little peek

In my opinion, There is no “best neighborhood” for tourists to stay in Tehran. And I think depending on a person’s budget, time of travel and interests the best neighborhood in Tehran can vary in huge scales. The single biggest tip I can give is to be sure you stay within a short walk of a metro station. If you are, then getting around the city will be real easy.

Tehran is a huge city and like every metropolitan city has its rich and not so rich neighborhoods. as a rule of thumb, the north and north western parts of Tehran are considered wealthy neighborhoods, the middle part of the city, the belt, is considered average and the southern parts are known as poor neighborhoods. But Tehran’s attractions have not scattered like the money I guess, because they’re all over the city 🙂

I will also mention the nearest attractions to each place so you can choose the place that fits your demands best.

Tehran’s Hostels:

Hostels are more than just somewhere to stay, don’t you agree?

They’re an easy way to meet new people in a comfortable place and chat and who knows, you might find a friend, a travel pal for some miles!

On the other hand, you can save some money and lessen your impact on the planet. I encourage all travelers to look into staying in hostels when they come to Tehran-Iran and anywhere else in the world actually.

below, there is a list of Tehran’s Hostels and I hope you find your desired place and have a blast during your tour to Iran. if you know a place that’s not on the list, let me know in the comments, okay? I update the articles regularly.

1. See you in Iran: (AKA Kojeen Hustle)