Why is Tabriz a tourist destination?

Tabriz has always been a shining star in Iranian tourism’s sky.

Tabriz has enough to satisfy the demands of any traveler. Weather its Iran history and culture tourism that attracts you or the Iran nature tourism or even rural tourism, Tabriz is a viable option.

The old history, rich culture, impressive civilization, incomparable tourist attractions, pleasant weather, traditional sites, modern shopping centers… all come together to make Tabriz a great tourists destination for all kinds of Iran tourists.

Iran Cultural Heritage and Tourism called Tabriz as ever “City of Firsts”.

At 2018, numerous Islamic cities were nominated for the capital of Islamic tourism, among which Tabriz was chosen, thanks to its cultural and historical potentials.

I want to visit Tabriz!

How can I get to Tabriz?

Tehran to Tabriz:

  • Bus: West or Beihaqqi Bus Terminal
  • Train: Tehran Train Station
  • Plane: Mehr-Abad Airport
  • Rent A car with Driver
  • Rent a Car without Driver

If you want to go to Tabriz from any other city, ask me in the comments. I will gladly answer your questions.

Where to Stay in Tabriz:

I mentioned some of Tabriz top hotels in brief here. visit Tabriz best hotels and hostels article for more info.



Brand Address Tel
El-Goli Pars El-Goli Park, Tabriz, Iran +984133802020
Shahriar El Goli Road, Tabriz, Iran +984133291424
Tabriz international hotel Rajayi Shahr, Shahid Bakeri Blvd, Tabriz, Iran +984133341081
Tabriz top 3 hotels -Iran tour

How many days is enough for Iran-Tabriz tour:

I think this is a question with many answers.in my opinion, any trip is flexible because there are things to compromise based on your interests. nevertheless, I have put together a 5-day trip planner to get the most out of the city. you, on the other hand, can cross of some locations and prioritize them however you like.

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