Online Reservation

You can book your intended vehicle without any prepayment or even cancel it using our online reservation system, Whatsapp or calling our phone numbers.

Full Insurance (CWD)​

The insurance fee is also included in the rental prices and there is no need to pay any extra money for this service. also you can get premuim insurance with the most suitable price.

Brand New Vehicles

We are the only company that has brand new vehicles which will be used maximum 18 months and have car replacement in case of any dissatisfaction.

Unlimited Mileage​

There is no mileage limitation for our cars, they all are unlimited mileage.

Lowest Deposit

We will pay back all your deposit right at the drop off time without any reduction.

Car Delivery All Around

You can pick up or drop off the car wherever you wish in Iran.

Car Rental in Iran

car rental in Iran is one of the most requested services that we provide for you. Saadattravel offers car hire Iran services in all the cities of this country. you can use car rental without a driver to travel between Iran cities and explore this magnificent country. or use car rental with a driver. so you won’t worry about driving in Iran roads and streets or getting lost in the cities. also, you can use van rental in Iran services to travel with your friends and family. you only need to book your car rental in Iran services here. We offer our customers from all around the world a wide range of cars to choose from. Our fleet has different cars to suit your number, budget, and interest. We have economy cars and luxury cars available for rent in Iran

Saadattravel agencies: Car Rental Stations in Iran

SaadatTravel agencies are scattered all over Iran so that we can offer you one-way rentals in Iran major cities. Plus, you can pick up your car at your desired location, airports, or our office! 

Car rental in Tehran: 

Our main office in Tehran will welcome you to visit us and our friendly team. You can rent a car with a driver and relax while going to your destination. Or you can rent a car without a driver in Iran and enjoy a road trip

Car rental in major cities of Iran:

SaadatTravel Branches cover most major cities in Iran and even Some other neighboring countries. Our Main Branches are Isfahan, Tabriz, Shiraz, Bandar Abbas, Yazd, and Kerman.

Required documents to rent a car in Iran:

There isn’t really much paperwork going on here. Just the following documents are enough for you to rent a car in Iran with SaadatTravel:

  • Copy of your passport
  • Copy of your driving license (for self-driven cars)
  • Copy of your ticket

Our Insurance Policies:

Car rental businesses and Car Insurances always go hand in hand. All our cars at Saadattravel are under CDW insurance meaning they are fully insured.

we try our best to leave our customers with as little responsibilities as possible.

we also offer additional insurances for your ease of mind. like windows and tire which you can purchase separately.

Why Rent a car in Iran with SaadatTravel:

By hiring your car from us, you will have a car with the best insurance options available and you can travel with peace of mind and without worrying. We believe that renting a car should be quick and easy and without any obscurity. Over the years, we have proven our trust to our customers and they have rewarded us with their loyalty.

Our car rental allows you to pay on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. We have tried to tailor everything for our customers to have a good experience with their hired car.

We’ll even deliver and collect your vehicle at your desired place. We offer future bookings or reservations and you can also lease cars at your locations anywhere in Iran. And you are also free to pay on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis.

We welcome you to come to our office. Visit our friendly team and ask all your questions. Everybody will welcome you and help you lose all your worries and have a smooth journey. Just remember to bring your documents! You can also contact us and get all the information you need.

We really appreciate your time and try to reduce all unnecessary actions on the part of the client.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Rental Car in Tehran

Tehran is the capital of Iran and one of its most visited cities. it also is the landing city for most travelers coming to Iran. all these have made car rentals in Tehran a truly important business.

You can easily rent a car in Tehran with Saadattravel. Reserve your car online. Call us or visit our office in Tehran to rent your desired car with so many great deals.

And While you are in this amazing city, know that there are many places to visit in Tehran.

Tehran has a lot of attractions to offer tourists. sometimes tourists just lose the opportunity to visit them because of a lack of knowledge about the city.

Rent a car and Drive around in Tehran and experience a day in the city. Just make sure you avoid the rush hours.

If you want to use your time wisely, request a private Tehran Tour and visit all there is in your own time.

You can also check Tehran’s top cheap Hostels for a place to stay on a budget.

we wish you a great time in Tehran

Car Rental Services in Iran

Saadattravel offers a wide range of Car Rental Services in Iran and we are sure you can find your desired services among these too.

if by any chance, you are looking for something more specified than what’s on the list, contact us and there’s a good chance we can work it out.

Car Rental with Driver in Iran:

There are dozens of reasons why sometimes having a driver with your rental car makes everything better.

sometimes, well, it’s a business trip and you don’t want to be late looking for street names on your maps.

at other times, you are not comfortable not knowing the roads in Iran and want to have a driver to be able to relax and let the driver handle everything.

Car rental without driver:

the privacy of having the car to yourself is just something some people can’t sacrifice.

to be able to decide everything on the trip without worrying to make the driver uncomfortable. 

these are all things that people take into consideration when they want to hire a car. 

One Way Car Rental in Iran:

SaadatTravel has agencies all over Iran. that fact has enabled us to be able to offer one way rentals to our customers.

you can rent your car in Tehran and drop it off at our agency in another city like Isfahan

Free Mileage

our customer are usually renting cars in Iran to Travel the country. thus, they usually travel for thousands miles and it’s just not suitable for them to purchase a car rental with limited mileage.

we saw the problem and offered our services with free mileage! enjoy!

Free CDW for all our rental cars in Iran

we offer different types of insurance that you can purchase to minimize your responsibility to the car in case of accident.

however, our Collision Damage Waiver [CDW] insurance comes for free!

24/7 Services all over Iran

you can call us any time in the day, our support team will answer all your questions and help solve your problem as soon as possible.

if there is trouble with the car on the road, your car will be changed in less than 24 hours.

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