Isfahan, the half of the world

Isfahan is world-famous for its unique architecture and architectural masterpieces and is historically very rich. The city of Isfahan has been the capital of various dynasties several times throughout history, and for this reason, it is full of beautiful historical monuments that can be very enjoyable to visit. It should be noted that Isfahan, which is known as half of the world,

is so beautiful that once you travel to it, you can’t visit everything that this city has. In this city, not only historical and tourist attractions have made the city popular, but also the warm-blooded people and the original culture of this region attract many travelers from all over the world to this city.

Best time to take Isfahan tours

The best time to travel to Isfahan is autumn, in this season, of course, many travelers travel to Isfahan and the average cost goes up a bit, if you want to travel to Isfahan in the cheap season, we offer winter.

History of Isfahan

In most historical periods, the city of Isfahan is considered as the center of government or an important city politically or economically. After the arrival of Islam, the historical period mentioned the Seljuk, Safavid, Qajar and Pahlavi periods.

The beauty of Isfahan

Isfahan is another example of a city with originality and immersion in Iranian art and culture in the country and has well displayed the originality of Iran and being Iranian. The city of Isfahan has countless sights, which may be less than a month’s trip to visit all its attractions!

From the Alley of Copper and the noise of engraving and the design of engravings on a variety of copper utensils to the Sisyphean Bridge and the Khaju Bridge and thousands of other attractions, they are all paving the way for a memorable and enjoyable trip for travelers to this city. Apart from having special tourist and tourism features in its heart, Isfahan has covered all land and air routes for choosing a trip.

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