Travel to Kashan, an old city with many stories

Kashan is one of the cities of Isfahan province and the most beautiful desert city in the center of Iran, and despite being a small city, it has many tourist attractions. Numerous historical attractions have made this old city one of the most popular and popular tourist destinations for domestic and foreign tourists.

A trip to Kashan, the city of Gulab or Rosewater, the city of historical houses, the city of Sohrab and the city of beautifully carved carpets in each season have their charms and surprise you with their surprises. Walking in the back alleys of Kashan, it is as if you have been riding in a time machine and have been implemented in different historical periods.


travel to kashan
travel to kashan

The beauties of Kashan

Walking in the historical houses of Kashan, you will be immersed in their eye-catching architecture and you will put together the pieces of history in your imagination. Perhaps it is not without reason that Kashan carpet has all these pleasant colors and designs.


Herbal extracts are another part of Kashan’s attractions that its flagship flower is rose. The rosewater festival attracts many tourists from inside and outside Kashan.

But many people mistakenly think that going to Kashan means just going to the rosewater festival, which is until the end of May; For this reason, they often travel to this area on this date, and they do not go anywhere other than to see the rose garden and one or two historical places.

Kashan is one of the cities of Isfahan province and one of the oldest cities in Iran. The Sialk Hills, one of the world’s first civilizations, are located in this area.

When is rosewater festival in Kashan?

rosewater festival and its ceremony begin in late April and continues almost until the end of June; So, if you are planning a trip and you can’t go to this area for any reason, it’s not too late.

Kashan is one of the most beautiful and oldest cities in Iran, which hosts many domestic and foreign tourists every year. If you haven’t seen Kashan yet, it’s time to plan a trip to the city of flowers and roses.

travel to kashan

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