Tehran, the amusing capital of Iran

Tehran is a city on the beautiful slopes of the Alborz mountain range, and wherever you look, you will see a view of Damavand Peak. A different and modern city with palaces, museums, parks, restaurants, and, most importantly, kind and loving people who keep at least a few passengers for a few days.

About Tehran

Tehran is an amazing combination of a city with a modern, traditional, and strong structure, which was once the capital of the land of Pars with its originality of several thousand years. In the meantime, the sights of Tehran are one of the most attractive parts of the capital, where all the residents of this city and tourists from Tehran, as well as foreign tourists, usually spend time in those areas.

Tehran is the result of the homogeneous combination of ancient buildings, magnificent mosques, luxurious mansions, refined parks, and modern buildings, and no one gets bored. Although Tehran is not now known as a historical city, traveling to it by visiting its various attractions is a pleasure that should not be missed.

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Travel to Tehran
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History of Tehran

This is Tehran; The capital and largest city of Iran and of course the twenty-fifth most populous city in the world, which leads from the north to mountainous areas and from the south to desert areas. When you spend time in this city, you will realize that it is crazy to go beyond traffic and chaos, smoke, and pollution. The city of Tehran shows you the passage of 250 years from having Golestan Palace to the former US Embassy. Then he slowly immerses you in his museums and leaves you to the Persian gardens. In such beautiful places, unique cafes are ready to receive you. All these things, that is, next to the smoke and tail, and of course the traffic, you can relax and enjoy in Tehran.

Tehran is a different city. With those palaces, museums, parks, restaurants, and more importantly, the kind and loving people who keep at least a few passengers for a few days, it’s up to you.

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