Yazd, the second alive ancient city in the world

The world’s first raw clay city, the world’s second living historical city after Venice, the amazing architecture of the building, the aqueducts and windbreaks, and the cheerful and kind people and the different nature, are the perfect and attractive features that make traveling to Yazd a journey for any lover inevitable.

Where is Yazd?

It is located in the central region of Iran and the neighborhood of the Lut desert in Yazd province. In this province, you can easily feel the difference in temperature of 40 degrees day and night. During the day the sun shines in a clear sky and at night you will easily see the stars shining.

By traveling to this province, you will find a treasure trove of historical monuments and sights that are scattered throughout the province, which indicates the antiquity of this province. Works such as Lari House, Shah Abbas Caravanserai, Narin castle, and … You may not expect to see natural monuments in this province; A natural attraction such as the seasonal waterfall of Darreh Gahan in Taft city, which hosts nature lovers in spring and summer.

travel to yazd
travel to yazd

Yazd in UNESCO

Yazd, with its valuable and traditional architecture, attracts many tourists. To travel to the first brick city of Iran, you must have information about its costs, hotels, and sights; So, don’t miss this article.

Yazd is one of the central cities of Iran, which was registered in the UNESCO World Heritage List in July 2017. Yazd has spectacular architecture and its traditional texture is intact. Therefore, it is not surprising that it hosts many tourists.

Yazd after Venice


travel to yazd

Yazd is a historical city in our country and in the heart of the desert, a city that is known as the city of aqueducts, windbreaks, and the first city of raw clay in the world. A trip to Yazd can make a unique memory of this historic city. Yazd, the second most historic city in the world after Venice in Italy, welcomes many tourists all year round.

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