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7-Day Tour in the City of Poetry, Garden and love | Shiraz

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Iran Tours: Fars Province/Shiraz

With so many cultural and historical attractions has always been the center of attention of all tourists coming to Iran. But still, talking to the tourists, I realize more often than not, they’re missing out on so many major locations and activities In Fars Province. So if Fars Province – Shiraz is on your Iran tour list too, follow me for a detailed itinerary of  places to go, thing to do and foods to try in 7-days!

Shiraz is known as the city of poets, literature, wine (despite Iran being an Islamic republic since 1979), and flowers. It is also considered by many Iranians to be the city of gardens, due to the many gardens and fruit trees that can be seen in the city, for example Eram Garden.

There are a lot to explore! let’s get started!

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Day 1

Bazaar-e Vakil Market
Masjed-e Vakil
Moshir House
Hamam-e Vakil
Sharzeh and Saray-e Mehr Resturant (for lunch)
Arg-e KarimKhan Complex

Day 2

Nasir al-molk Mosque
Shah Cheraaq
Sharzeh Restaurant (for lunch)
Narenjestan-e Qavam House
Zaynet al-Molouk House

Day 3

Hafezieh Tomb
Sa'diyeh Tomb
Bagh-e Delgosha Garden
Haft-Khan restaurant (for lunch)
Park-e Azadi Shiraz
Bagh-e Eram
Italian restaurant-polparsi (khakshenasi street, for dinner)

Day 4

Takht-e Jamshid (Persepolis)
Naqsh-e Rostam -(restaurants around for lunch)
Pasargadea Ancient Complex

Day 5

Ecotourism and visiting the old village: Qalat, the lost Paradise on the earth with abundant springs, old trees, and deep valleys
visiting the villager and the music museums and musicians of the village

Day 6

Darvazeh Quran,
The tomb of Khajouye Kermani
The restaurants of Shams-Emare And Shandiz or Haftkhan (for lunch)
Luna Park- Shiraz
Bagh-e Jahan Nama

Day 7

Shopping from the Khalij-e Fars Tourist Complex, Take a walk around the street of Qasr-e Dasht


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